Magnetic Pickups

Our goal is to combine our decades of experience to develop products that specifically match our customers’ application requirements. We’re experts in determining the optimum performance to the lowest cost package.

Standard MPU

Principle Practice Performance, Why Compromise?

Our goal is to match principle to application, practice to experience and performance to specification. We’re experts in the design and manufacture of Magnetic Pickups, providing high performance low-cost solutions.

Sensitive, shock resistant, versatile, reliable in harsh environments, Xensor magnetic pickups create value by enhancing their system’s engine performance, efficiency, and on-board diagnostics.

They are ideal for heavy equipment speed, transmission, engine governors, camshaft/crankshaft position and output applications. Custom, Standard and OEM replacements available, contact Xensor for detailed specification sheets.


  • Engine and Motor RPM
  • Gear Speed Measurement
  • Servo Motion Control
  • Turbines/Power Generation
  • Transmission Cam/Crank Shaft
  • Vehicle Wheel Slip/Traction Control
  • Compressors and Pumps


  • Self-powered operation
  • Simple installation
  • No moving parts
  • Operates over wide speed range
  • Customized versions available
  • Adapts to various configurations
  • Rugged design sealed for harsh environments

Standard MPU

Typical Specification

Output Voltage

.7 V p-p to 190 V p-p

Coil Resistance

68 OHMS to 5000 OHMS


7 mH to 500 mH

Air Gap

.003” to .080”

Pole Piece Shapes

Cylindrical, Conical, Chisel-tip, Stepped, Custom


.020” to .250”

Min. Surface Speed

10 IPS(.25 m/Sec.) Typ.

Frequency Range

0 Hz to 15 KHz Typ.

Vibration Meets

Mil-Std 202F Method 204D

Operating Temperatures

-55°C to 180°C

Housing Diameter

1.25” to .187” Metric Sizes M18 to M8

Housing Material/Style

Stainless Steel, Plastic threaded or non-threaded, Aluminum, Molded, Stamped, Brazed


More than 30 standard terminal configurations. Available to your specification.

Digital MPU

Complete Manufacturing Flexibility

Xensor pioneered the use of custom IC to digitize the analog signal generated by a magnetic sensor, eliminating the use of expensive hybrid chips or backup electronic circuitry.

Digimag Digital Magnetic Pickups revolutionized the use of magnetic sensors for the computer peripherals industry, where low cost and compact design count.

Providing a digital pulse output sensing a change from non-magnetic to magnetic material moving past the pole piece. The rise-fall times and amplitude of the output pulse is independent of the speed of the magnetic discontinuity. The maximum rise time is 1,000 nanoseconds; the maximum fall time is 50 nanoseconds.

Packaged for performance to your specifications, contact Xensor for more information or assistance completing our online questionnaire.


  • Computing
  • High-speed counting
  • Positioning
  • Tachometry
  • Synchronization
  • Flow metering
  • Machine Control


  • Wide Ranging application from component flexibility
  • Constant amplitude digital output
  • Positive and negative going logic signals
  • Protection against target input conditions
  • Operate throughout a wide range of supply voltages
  • Air gap and surface speed combinations of 0.010” at 20 IPS to 0.075” at 2500 IPS

Digital MPU

Typical Specification

Supply Voltage Range

+5 Vdc to 15 Vdc

Supply Current

6 mA max

Output (at 5 Vdc supply)

0.2 V low; 4.75 V high

Output (at 15 Vdc supply)

0.2 V low; 14.25 V high

Output Resistance

4.0k OHM

Target Material


Cutoff Frequency

20 kHz

Typical Air Gaps

0.003” to 0.080”

Polarity of Output Pulse

Positive or Negative


to 0.010”

Operating Temperature

-25°C to 85°C


0.25” OD to 0.875”OD
0.875” length to 4.625” length

Case Materials

Magnetic or Non-magnetic stainless steel, aluminum, plastic.
Terminal Configurations Available to your specification.

Case Study

Moving Forward Together

We pride ourselves on our ability to engage clients and develop customized replacement solutions that are tailored to meet demanding requirements. Our production lead times on our Passive Speed Sensors can be as little as one week.

A leading manufacturer of Transmissions for generators contacted us regarding a discontinued Electro assembly. After getting the specifications we were able to manufacture a drop in replacement within weeks. The customer was able to continue support of his product which saved them redesign time and money.

Magnetic Pickup Case Study Specifications


1250 Ohms +/-20%


375 mH +/-20%


1.8V P-P Min. Under the Following conditions:
Test Gear 1.2mm Tooth Width
5mm Space Width 70.5mm Diameter
Speed 600RPM, Air Gap 0.5mm, Load 11K Ohm


-40◦C to 120◦C

Case Materials

300 Series Stainless Steel


Blind End, single piece Bosch Cable: #22AWG, 125◦C Amp water seal


Complete Manufacturing Flexibility

5/8” Magnetic Pickups –
Maximizing Output for Specific Applications

Sensor Magnets, Coils and Pole Pieces are integral variables calculated into the design of the optimum magnetic sensor for each application. These areas are subject to broad design flexibility at Xensor.

3/8” Magnetic Pickups –
Pole Piece diameter the limit to flux flow

Machining Pole Pieces and all of the components for our magnetic pickups in-house, allows us to control output by varying power and resolution requirements.

1/4” Magnetic Pickups –
Output character from the coil

Winding Coils in-house gives us the flexibility to match impedance of your sensor to downstream electronics, maximizing output voltage and minimizing capacitance. Coil resistance and inductance within practical constraints, can be specified by the customer.

Customized 5/8” Non-Threaded Passive Speed Sensor

Used in measuring variable speed constant frequency in an electric power generator for aircraft power systems. The coil is wound using Teflon coated magnet wire to withstand high shock and vibration in altitudes as high as 20,000 feet, temperature ranges from -55°C to 200°C.

Rugged, Flexible

Hand-held Digimag sensors reach down to engine timing/damper pulleys – not a job for fragile sensors – to provide engine speed indication as low as 400rpm.

Flywheel gear sensor with dual output

Using a pair of separate coils to generate separate and isolated signals from a Ferromagnetic target, each signal has a power output equal to that of a conventional single coil sensor.

Ideal for sensing velocity of a target that is used to operate more than one electronic device, for example an electronic speedometer and also an anti-skid system , occupying no more physical space or mounting arrangement than a standard magnetic pickup.

Replacement Crank Trigger Transducer for Moroso Performance Products

Used for Chevy and Ford Big block engines. Zinc plated cold rolled steel body reduces unwanted signal interference and improves triggering accuracy. Special non-hardening epoxy impregnates pickup for shock and vibration isolation.

Head Actuator/Voice Coil Assembly

Used in hard disk drives to move the head arms in and out over the surface of the platters, in a closed-loop feedback system called a servo system, dynamically positions the heads directly over the data tracks. When current is fed to the coil, an electromagnetic field is generated that causes the heads to move in one direction or the other based on attraction or repulsion relative to the permanent magnet.

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