With more than 50 years of experience, Xensor has developed a dedication to customer satisfaction through rigorous attention to quality standards. We maintain stringent adherence to a documented Quality Management System (QMS) as well as maintain certification to ISO9001 standards.


We understand that lead times are a thing of the past; as a result we provide just-in-time deliveries and drop shipments directly to the field.

With an ability to anticipate our customers’ demands, you can count on Xensor to expedite orders, reduce downtime, and minimize overhead costs.

And since our day-to-day product work leverages in-house resources and processes, we rarely charge startup costs for magnetic pickups, Hall Effect sensors, and similar products; that means substantial engineering and tooling savings.

Our products are subject to rigorous quality assurance measures, guaranteeing both maximum accuracy and the lowest possible failure rates.

ISO 9001 2015

Our Organization is in conformance with: ISO 9001 2015, this Registration is in Respect to the Design, Manufacture and Sale of Analog and Binary Sensors, Related Electronics, Wire, Cable and Connectors.

Certified Products

Sentech designs and manufactures with ISO 9001:2015, AS9100 Rev D certified quality management system. ANAB accredited.

Sentech products can meet the stringent needs of your application. Units are available or can be certified to meet global standards including:
-TIIS (Japan)
-KOSHA / KCA (South Korea)
-Class 1 / Division 1 & 2 or Zones 0, 1, & 2 for harsh environments with flammable gasses or combustible dusts
-Intrinsically Safe, Non-Incendive, Explosion Proof, Flame-proof
-IP54, IP65, IP66 Ingress Protection
-RoHS - Reduction of Hazardous Substances
-REACH - Restricted Chemicals List

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