Hall Effect Sensors

With more than 50 years of experience, Xensor has developed a dedication to customer satisfaction.
We foster open lines of communication with our customers to ensure not only short production lead times, but also fast customer service response times.

Single Hall Effect Sensors

Design Focused Solutions that Excel in Harsh Environments

Longer life less down time, let us customize a design focused solution for your speedometer input, engine timing, transmission input and output, cam and crankshaft output, traction and chassis control, wheel speed ABS, industrial process control and many more applications. We welcome the opportunity to meet your requirement with unmatched speed, reliability, performance and customer service.

We offer high quality hall-effect sensors that excel in harsh operating conditions in hydraulic motors for the mobile off-highway market. We’re dedicated to providing you the best possible sensor solutions for high-performance machinery.

Our Single and Dual Hall Effect Sensors are ideal for a wide range of industries, our uniquely tailored product development makes them cost effective replacements for inductive proximity, Variable Reluctance and other competitive technologies.


  • Sensing ferrous metal targets
  • Digital Output, pull up resistor can be built into the sensor according to customer’s application
  • Good signal-to-noise ratio
  • EMI Resistant
  • Reverse polarity and transient protection
  • Excellent low speed performance, Output amplitude not dependent on RPM
  • Available in standard and metric thread and smooth housing sizes 303 Stainless Steel and other housing materials available


  • Camshaft/Crankshaft speed and position
  • Transmission Speed
  • Anti-skid/traction control
  • Chain link conveyor speed/distance
  • Counters, Tachometers

Single Hall Effect Sensor

Typical Specification

Supply Voltage Range

4.5 Vdc to 26.5 Vdc

Supply Current

20 mA

Output Type

Digital Sinking (Open Collector)

Frequency Range

0 Hz to 25 kHz (inclusive)

Operating Tempurature

-40°C to 125°C

Dual Hall Effect Sensors

Optimize your Hydraulic Motors and Pumps

Xensors’ Dual Hall Effect Sensors provide sensing solutions in demanding ambient conditions, from concept to design or fitted on later to enhance control and steering of any hydraulic equipment or machinery.

Dual Hall Effect sensors can sense speed and rotation at the same time. The sensor output is a frequency signal on channel A and a 90° phase shifted frequency signal on channel B allowing the Quadrature signal to determine rotation.

Their small contact surface, diameters as small as 12mm, allows them to operate at very high pressures. Available in various configurations, Xensor fits your application.


  • Two digital output signals 90° out of phase to each other
  • Detecting speed down to zero
  • Direction, forward and reverse, of ferrous targets
  • Constant amplitude square wave output
  • Wide speed range
  • Customize to the needs of your specific mechanical environment


  • Hydraulics
  • Turbines
  • Compressors
  • Transmissions

Dual Hall Effect Sensor

Typical Specification

Supply Voltage Range

4.5 Vdc to 18 Vdc

Supply Current

18 mA max

Output Type

Square Wave

Frequency Range

1 Hz to 15 kHz (inclusive)

Operating Tempurature

-40°C to 125°C

Electronic Control Sensor

Optimize your Hydraulic Motors and Pumps

A world leader in state of the art electronic controls and products, contacted us to see if we could help them reduce assembly costs by modifying an existing sensor for a specific application of a customer of theirs.

We reviewed the requirement and determined the necessary modifications that needed to be performed, sent an outline drawing and provided samples the same day. Within the week we began producing the sensors to accommodate existing orders.

The new sensor saved time, eliminating material requirements, assembly and overhead. We take
pride in custom designed solutions from straightforward to sophisticated.


Supply Voltage Range

4.5 Vdc to 16 Vdc

Supply Current

20 mA max

Output Type

Square Wave

Reverse Voltage

-35 Vdc Continuous

Output Configuration

Open Collector NPN
with Internal 2.2K ohm pull up

Sink Current (Isink)

25mA Max

Output Duty Cycle

20% to 80%

Output Rise Time

1 uSEC Max., 820 ohm, 20pF Load

Output Fall Time

1 uSEC Max., 820 ohm, 20pF Load

Operating Frequency

OHz to 5Hz

Air Gap Range

.060” Min. with 12Dp Cast Iron Gear


Operating Temperature

-40°C to 125°C

Ingress Sealing

52 SUS Hydraulic fluid at 200PSI



Blind Edge, Single Piece

Case Material

300 Series Stainless Steel

Locknut Torque

12 Ft-Lb

Lead Wire

#18 AWG XLPE (SAE J-1128 GXL)

Hall Effect Examples

Combining Performance and Reliability

Linear Position Hall Effect Sensor

Installed inside the pressure vessel of a hydraulic accumulator to determine the position of a moveable target which provides accumulator charge condition data for optimal control and operation of hydraulic systems such as vehicular regenerative braking systems and generalized industrial accumulator systems.

Non-Contact, Dual Hall Position Sensor

Features high proximity switching rates that extend the flexibility and precision of pneumatic cylinder drives by enabling an exact determination of position. Excellent signal quality and flexible functions are essential in order to fully realize the advantages of decentralized automation structures for pneumatics.

Compatible to Most Control System Interfaces

Xensor Hall Effect Sensors are compatible with most engine monitoring systems and can be customized to specific requirements speed and direction applications.

Reel Speed Sensor

Used in the Automated Control Electronics (ACE) System for a Toro Commercial Greens Mower. The Electronic Control Unit controls and activates the hydraulic system of the machine by matching reel speed to traction speed.

Hall Effect Sensor

Used in a street sweeper. The speed sensor installed on the hydraulic motor delivers required information to an indicator on the dash-board by measuring the throttle position in the main engine of the truck, allowing the driver to keep the speed of the sweeper in the right band. The sweeper’s performance depends on the correct speed of the hydraulic motor.

Starting System Hall Effect Sensor

Used for plant startup and shut down operation of Gas Turbine Generators, Steam Turbines, Compressors, and Industrial Fan Applications. Durable and Reliable these speed sensors promote positive mechanical engagement and disengagement from the main drive train without the assistance of servos, or actuators.

High Torque Hall Effect Sensor

Attaches to the monitoring system of a drive gear for a high-torque motor, the housing is machined from 6061 billet aluminum and brazed to a special mounting flange which requires no orientation at installation, preassembled with mounting adapters for quick assembly. A customized solution built to performance specifications.