Proximity Examples

Diebold Proximity Sensor

Diebold Proximity Sensor Used in ATM Machines to assess the thickness of bills to determine if two bills are stuck together, wet, worn, torn, folded or in any other way damaged that they would be diverted to a reject bin rather than being sent to the bill dispenser.

Ignition System Proximity Sensor

Ignition System Proximity Sensor Allows engine service companies to increase engine efficiency, generating a signal used by the ignition controller to monitor, control, regulate and protect the system. Easy to install and built to last.

Reel Speed Sensor

External Displacement Proximity Sensor Monitors the non-contacting rotor inside the process chamber of semiconductor manufacturing equipment increasing the reliability by reducing particle generation and regulating indexing and locking of discrete angular positions.

External Displacement Proximity Sensor

Capacitive Yarn Sensor Used to control yarn break and other problems with the feed of high count yarns for carpets. When the yarn breaks or when scrolling stops, the sensor will inform the user (flashing LED) that a position is defective.

Capacitive Yarn Sensor

Proximity Probe Used by York International on commercial series Chillers with its high quality, high reliability and long life cycle, the proximity probe has been used to measure shaft vibration, radial and axial shaft position, and differential expansion between case and rotor.