Proximity Case Study

Durability, Resilience and Precision

A manufacturer of locking cylinders for core pulls on injection molds and die casting came to us with a problem during injection, Changes from pressure and temperature was causing core length to decrease and the resulting core face position to be backed up from the desired position.

The core face backup during injection could be as much as .020″ or greater depending on mold geometry. Attempting to compensate for compression and thermal effects manually with trials and tweaking was time intensive and costly.

They wanted to develop a system that would preload the core to eliminate the backup and needed to retrofit a sensor to help measure the position of the core in an application that would not have any power to the sensor.

We developed a design focused solution that allowed them to develop a side action system specifically designed to preload the core with the injection force and then lock it in place.

Proximity Case Study Specifications

Switch Point (‘d’)
.035” Min. before LC
Switch Time
15 mSec. Max.
Min. Cycles
2 Million Cycles @ 24Vdc, 10mA
Air Gap
0.035” Max.
3000 PSI (Non-Impact)
Contact Rating
2 AMP. @ 120 Vac
1 AMP. @ 240 Vac
1 AMP @ 24 Vdc
-40◦C to 125◦C