Our Technology and Technical Strengths

Xensor provides the products and services that others cannot. That includes motion sensors in the following technical categories:

Variable Reluctance

Xensor integrates magnetic pickups and electronics to meet a broad range of industrial needs

Hall Effect

Single-, dual-, and triple-Hall Effect sensors support speed, quadrature, direction, and timing measurement, as well as binary position decoding


Digitrac, Quadratrack, and other magnetoresistive sensors meet requirements for higher resolution and precision


Xensor employs RF for high resolution, stability, and near zero drag, ideal for currency-counting, robotics, and other applications


Intended for process control, fluid-level sensing, touch controls, proximity switching, and other applications

Our Facility

With our facility, we fulfill customers’ specific needs and meet the rigorous demands of various end-use industries.

Our plastic molding and electronic assembly capabilities, as well as our production machine shop, have enabled us to build a roster of products for various applications across a range of industries.

In addition, we offer innovative engineering and custom design solutions that can help you to develop a unique product to fit your needs.

Our technical strengths are complemented by customer service and delivery capabilities, designed to streamline your ordering process.

We are fully equipped to produce low-, mid-, and high-volume orders, and no matter the order size, we promise short lead times so you get your product exactly when you need it.