Magento-Resistive Case Study

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A worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of electrical control and test equipment was looking to improve both performance and cost of an encoder used to measure counter clockwise rotation and phase shift.

The existing encoder used optoelectronics with surface mount components, photodiodes and LED’s, encapsulated in a mechanical housing. It was costly to manufacture and sensitive to EMC as well as temperature, vibration, dust and water.

Our experience with higher integrated electronic technologies allowed us to develop a design focused solution that was sensitive to the application. The new sensor consisted of a two magneto resistive elements with signal conditioning in a high resolution package.

The new product had none of the technical disadvantages of its predecessor, and met performance criteria at a lower unit test and development cost.

Magneto-Resistive Case Study Specifications

Supply Voltage (Vs)
+12 Vdc +/-10%
Supply Current
40 mA Typ.
Output Config.
Dual Channel Open Collector
NPN with 2K Ohm Internal Pull - Up to +Vs
2000 Vdc Hi-Pot To Case
Output Voltage
VOH = .99(Vs) Min.
VOL= .4 Vdc Max. @ IOL=20 mA
Duty Cycle
50% +/-10%
Rise Time
5 uSEC Typ.
Fall Time
.2 uSEC Max.
Cutoff Frequency
20 KHz Max.
Ferromagnetic 54 DP Gear