Standard Magnetic Pickups

Principle Practice Performance Why Compromise?

Our goal is to match principle to application, practice to experience and performance to specification. We’re experts in the design and manufacture of Magnetic Pickups, providing high performance low-cost solutions.

Sensitive, shock resistant, versatile, reliable in harsh environments, Xensor magnetic pickups create value by enhancing their system’s engine performance, efficiency, and on-board diagnostics.

They are ideal for heavy equipment speed, transmission, engine governors, camshaft/crankshaft position and output applications. Custom, Standard and OEM replacements available, contact Xensor for detailed specification sheets or assistance completing our online questionnaire.


  • Engine and Motor RPM
  • Gear Speed Measurement
  • Servo Motion Control
  • Turbines/Power Generation
  • Transmission Cam/Crank Shaft
  • Vehicle Wheel Slip/Traction Control
  • Compressors and Pumps


  • Self-powered operation
  • Simple installation
  • No moving parts
  • Operates over wide speed range
  • Customized versions available
  • Adapts to various configurations
  • Rugged design sealed for harsh environments

Standard MPU

Typical Specifications
Output Voltage
.7 V p-p to 190 V p-p
Coil Resistance
68 OHMS to 5000 OHMS
7 mH to 500 mH
Air Gap
.003” to .080”
Pole Piece Shapes
Cylindrical, Conical, Chisel-tip, Stepped, Custom
.020” to .250”
Min. Surface Speed
10 IPS(.25 m/Sec.) Typ.
Frequency Range
0 Hz to 15 KHz Typ.
Vibration Meets
Mil-Std 202F Method 204D
Operating Temperatures
-55°C to 180°C
Housing Diameter
1.25” to .187” Metric Sizes M18 to M8
Housing Material/Style
Stainless Steel, Plastic threaded or non-threaded, Aluminum, Molded, Stamped, Brazed
More than 30 standard terminal configurations. Available to your specification.