Magnetic Pickups Examples

Complete Manufacturing Flexibility

Maximizing Output for Specific Applications

5/8” Magnetic Pickups – Maximizing Output for Specific Applications Sensor Magnets, Coils and Pole Pieces are integral variables calculated into the design of the optimum magnetic sensor for each application. These areas are subject to broad design flexibility at Xensor.

Pole Piece diameter the limit to flux flow

3/8” Magnetic Pickups – Pole Piece diameter the limit to flux flow machining Pole Pieces and all of the components for our magnetic pickups in-house, allows us to control output by varying power and resolution requirements.

Output character from the coil<

1/4” Magnetic Pickups – Output character from the coil Winding Coils in-house gives us the flexibility to match impedance of your sensor to downstream electronics, maximizing output voltage and minimizing capacitance. Coil resistance and inductance within practical constraints, can be specified by the customer.

Customized 5/8” Non-Threaded Passive Speed Sensor

Customized 5/8” Non-Threaded Passive Speed Sensor Used in measuring variable speed constant frequency in an electric power generator for aircraft power systems. The coil is wound using Teflon coated magnet wire to withstand high shock and vibration in altitudes as high as 20,000 feet, temperature ranges from -55°C to 200°C.

Hand-held Digimag Sensors

Rugged, Flexible Hand-held Digimag sensors reach down to engine timing/damper pulleys – not a job for fragile sensors – to provide engine speed indication as low as 400rpm.

Flywheel gear sensor with dual output

Flywheel gear sensor with dual output Using a pair of separate coils to generate separate and isolated signals from a Ferromagnetic target, each signal has a power output equal to that of a conventional single coil sensor.

Ideal for sensing velocity of a target that is used to operate more than one electronic device, for example an electronic speedometer and also an anti-skid system , occupying no more physical space or mounting arrangement than a standard magnetic pickup.

Replacement Crank Trigger Transducer for Moroso Performance Products

Replacement Crank Trigger Transducer for Moroso Performance Products Used for Chevy and Ford Big block engines. Zinc plated cold rolled steel body reduces unwanted signal interference and improves triggering accuracy. Special non-hardening epoxy impregnates pickup for shock and vibration isolation.

Head Actuator/Voice Coil Assembly

Head Actuator/Voice Coil Assembly Used in hard disk drives to move the head arms in and out over the surface of the platters, in a closed-loop feedback system called a servo system, dynamically positions the heads directly over the data tracks. When current is fed to the coil, an electromagnetic field is generated that causes the heads to move in one direction or the other based on attraction or repulsion relative to the permanent magnet.