Digital Magnetic Pickups

Complete Manufacturing Flexibility

Xensor pioneered the use of custom IC to digitize the analog signal generated by a magnetic sensor, eliminating the use of expensive hybrid chips or backup electronic circuitry.

Digimag Digital Magnetic Pickups revolutionized the use of magnetic sensors for the computer peripherals industry, where low cost and compact design count.

Providing a digital pulse output sensing a change from non-magnetic to magnetic material moving past the pole piece. The rise-fall times and amplitude of the output pulse is independent of the speed of the magnetic discontinuity. The maximum rise time is 1,000 nanoseconds; the maximum fall time is 50 nanoseconds.

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  • Computing
  • High-speed counting
  • Positioning
  • Tachometry
  • Synchronization
  • Flow metering
  • Machine Control


  • Wide Ranging application from component flexibility
  • Constant amplitude digital output
  • Positive and negative going logic signals
  • Protection against target input conditions
  • Operate throughout a wide range of supply voltages
  • Air gap and surface speed combinations of 0.010” at 20 IPS to 0.075” at 2500 IPS

Digital MPU

Typical Specifications
Supply Voltage
+5 Vdc to 15 Vdc
Supply Current
6 mA Maximum
Output (at 5 Vdc supply)
0.2 V low; 4.75 V high
Output (at 15 Vdc supply)
0.2 V low; 14.25 V high
Output Resistance
4.0k OHM
Target Material
Cutoff Frequency
20 kHz
Typical Air Gaps
0.003” to 0.080”
Polarity of Output Pulse
Positive or Negative
to 0.010”
Operating Temperature
-25°C to 85°C
0.25” OD to 0.875”OD
0.875” length to 4.625” length
Case Materials
Magnetic or Non-magnetic stainless steel, aluminum, plastic.
Terminal Configurations Available to your specification.