Magnetic Pickups Case Study

Moving Forward Together

We pride ourselves on our ability to engage clients and develop customized replacement solutions that are tailored to meet demanding requirements. Our production lead times on our Passive Speed Sensors can be as little as one week.

A leading manufaturer of Transmissions for generators contacted us regarding a discontinued Electro assembly. After getting the specifications we were able to manufacture a drop in replacement within weeks. The customer was able to continue support of his product which saved them redesign time and money.

Magnetic Pickup Case Study Specifications

1250 Ohms +/-20%
375 mH +/-20%
1.8V P-P Min. Under the Following conditions:
Test Gear 1.2mm Tooth Width
5mm Space Width 70.5mm Diameter
Speed 600RPM, Air Gap 0.5mm, Load 11K Ohm
-40◦C to 120◦C
Case Material
300 Series Stainless Steel
Blind End, single piece Bosch Cable: #22AWG, 125◦C Amp water seal