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Linear Variable Differential Transducers LVDT

Linear-output devices showing displacement and magnitude from a zero reference position available in both long and short stroke types with ac-input/ac-output and dc-input/dc-output configurations.

These self generating transducers require no voltage input and provide high output linear velocity information. The physically linked actuator drives the magnet core through the coil producing a dc voltage output.

The LVDT is very flexible in its possible applications as a direct indication of displacement, in an alarm circuit or in a null balance servo system or in a complete instrumentation system providing the primary system input.

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  • Highly precise voltage outputs
  • Full scale displacement
  • Excellent linearity (to 0.1%)
  • Unlimited resolution
  • Easily monitored by a phase sensitive VTVM
  • Able to meet a variety of application environments


  • Displacement
  • Acceleration
  • Motion
  • Pressure
  • Velocity
  • Weight
  • Force
  • Thickness


Typical Specifications
2% typical
Sensitivity (nominal output range)
20 mV to 650 mV at 1” per second core speed
Displacement range
+/-0.005 inches to +/-25 inches
1 kΩ at 0.058 H to 32 kΩ at 4.0H
Typical Operating Temperature
-25°C to +85°C
(greater operating extremes available)
0.374” OD to 0.748” OD
1.5” length to 30” length