Single Hall Effect Sensors

Design Focused Solutions that Excel in Harsh Environments

Longer life less down time, let us customize a design focused solution for your speedometer input, engine timing, transmission input and output, cam and crankshaft output, traction and chassis control, wheel speed ABS, industrial process control and many more applications. We welcome the opportunity to meet your requirement with unmatched speed, reliability, performance and customer service.

We offer high quality hall-effect sensors that excel in harsh operating conditions in hydraulic motors for the mobile off-highway market. We’re dedicated to providing you the best possible sensor solutions for high-performance machinery.

Our Single and Dual Hall Effect Sensors are ideal for a wide range of industries, our uniquely tailored product development makes them cost effective replacements for inductive proximity, Variable Reluctance and other competitive technologies.


  • Sensing ferrous metal targets
  • Digital Output, pull up resistor can be built into the sensor according to customer’s application
  • Good signal-to-noise ratio
  • EMI Resistant
  • Reverse polarity and transient protection
  • Excellent low speed performance, Output amplitude not dependent on RPM
  • Available in standard and metric thread and smooth housing sizes 303 Stainless Steel and other housing materials available


  • Camshaft/Crankshaft speed and position
  • Transmission Speed
  • Anti-skid/traction control
  • Chain link conveyor speed/distance
  • Counters, Tachometers

Single Hall Effect Sensor

Typical Specification
Supply Voltage Range
4.5 Vdc to 26.5 Vdc
Supply Current
20 mA
Output Type
Digital Sinking (Open Collector)
Frequency Range
0 Hz to 25 kHz (Inclusive)
Operating Tempurature
-40°C to 125°C