Hall Effect Examples

Combining Performance and Reliability

Linear Position Hall Effect Sensor

Linear Position Hall Effect Sensor Installed inside the pressure vessel of a hydraulic accumulator to determine the position of a moveable target which provides accumulator charge condition data for optimal control and operation of hydraulic systems such as vehicular regenerative braking systems and generalized industrial accumulator systems.

Non-Contact, Dual Hall Position Sensor

Non-Contact, Dual Hall Position Sensor Features high proximity switching rates that extend the flexibility and precision of pneumatic cylinder drives by enabling an exact determination of position. Excellent signal quality and flexible functions are essential in order to fully realize the advantages of decentralized automation structures for pneumatics.

Compatible to Most Control System Interfaces

Xensor Hall Effect Sensors are compatible with most engine monitoring systems and can be customized to specific requirements speed and direction applications.


Reel Speed Sensor

Reel Speed Sensor Used in the Automated Control Electronics (ACE) System for a Toro Commercial Greens Mower. The Electronic Control Unit controls and activates the hydraulic system of the machine by matching reel speed to traction speed.

Hall Effect Sensor

Hall Effect Sensor Used in a street sweeper. The speed sensor installed on the hydraulic motor delivers required information to an indicator on the dash-board by measuring the throttle position in the main engine of the truck, allowing the driver to keep the speed of the sweeper in the right band. The sweeper’s performance depends on the correct speed of the hydraulic motor.

Starting System Hall Effect Sensor

Starting System Hall Effect Sensor Used for plant startup and shut down operation of Gas Turbine Generators, Steam Turbines, Compressors, and Industrial Fan Applications. Durable and Reliable these speed sensors promote positive mechanical engagement and disengagement from the main drive train without the assistance of servos, or actuators.

High Torque Hall Effect Sensor

High Torque Hall Effect Sensor Attaches to the monitoring system of a drive gear for a high-torque motor, the housing is machined from 6061 billet aluminum and brazed to a special mounting flange which requires no orientation at installation, preassembled with mounting adapters for quick assembly. A customized solution built to performance specifications.