Hall Effect Case Study

Electronic Control Sensor

A world leader in state of the art electronic controls and products, contacted us to see if we could help them reduce assembly costs by modifying an existing sensor for a specific application of a customer of theirs.

We reviewed the requirement and determined the necessary modifications that needed to be performed, sent an outline drawing and provided samples the same day. Within the week we began producing the sensors to accommodate existing orders.

The new sensor saved time, eliminating material requirements, assembly and overhead. We take
pride in custom designed solutions from straightforward to sophisticated.


Supply Voltage Range
4.5 Vdc to 16 Vdc
Supply Current
20 mA max.
Reverse Voltage
-35 Vdc Continuous
Output Configuration
Open Collector NPN
with Internal 2.2K ohm pull up
Sink Current (Isink)
25mA Max.
Output Duty Cycle
20% to 80%
Output Rise Time
1 uSEC Max., 820 ohm, 20pF Load
Output Fall Time
1 uSEC Max., 820 ohm, 20pF Load
Operating Frequency
OHz to 5Hz
Air Gap Range
.060” Min. with 12Dp Cast Iron Gear


Operating Temperature
-40°C to 125°C
Ingress Sealing
52 SUS Hydraulic fluid at 200PSI


Blind Edge, Single Piece
Case Material
300 Series Stainless Steel
Locknut Torque
12 Ft-Lb
Lead Wire
#18 AWG XLPE (SAE J-1128 GXL)